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5 01 2009

Please do feel free to leave comments here – feedback is always useful.  What I would like to happen, if possible, is for people to write about their  experiences with employment law issues or, indeed, employment lawyers for that matter.  I’m not seeking to give individual advice via this blog but it would be great to create a “community” where people can swap stories from the “coal face”.    If in doubt don’t put names or identifying remarks in and please don’t libel anyone!

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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19 01 2009

Although pregnant, I’ve been made redundant from a big investment bank without prior notification or alternative position offered.

What if they say regarding the money “take it or leave it” and that as a result, I do not want to sign the compromise agreement? Do I have to sign it?

Thanks and Rgds.

20 01 2009

It is always difficult to advise without knowing the full facts. if in doubt about your position you should seek legal advice. Some of the questions that need to be answered are “why has your role been made redundant?” “how many people are being made redundant?” “what procedure has ben followed?” and is your pregnancy likely to have been a factor in your selection for redundancy? You MAY have claims for unfair dismissal and/or sexual discrimination. If you do have a claim that you can successfully bring against the Bank then you may have more leverage to negotiate the package. You cannot be forced to sign a compromise agreement , but if you don’t sign it you may not get such favourable terms.

I can’t offer individual legal advice through this blog but would be happy to advise you via my firm, Dale Langley & Co. You will need to get an independent solicitor to vet the compromise agreement for you and advise you on your rights and these are all issues that we would usually cover when meeting. We act for a lot of clients who work for investment banks and I’d be happy to help. The compromise agreement will probably include a contribution towards your legal costs. Please call me on 0207 464 8433 if I can.

Good luck!

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