15 01 2009


This is a copy of an article I wrote for the Docklands and Peninsula newspaper – unedited.  It will appear in the week commencing Jan 19th.


As Eagle eyed readers may have noticed, I have been writing a blog since last September – called Jobsworth – devoted to legal matters, particularly employment law.  Over time the number of hits has increased and, slowly but surely, a readership is building up.  Although blogging has been around for a few years now, it seems to be only recently that it has increased in popularity and the number of blogs has increased enormously. The variety of subjects is amazing, and there is an ever growing number of blogs devoted to legal matters.  Partly this is due to the ease with which one can set up a blog using ready-made software like Blogger or WordPress, and because writing a blog is supposed to assist in achieving the Holy Grail of getting a high page ranking for your website on Google (I sometimes have a nightmare where in 50 years time there will be only two institutions left in the world – Tesco and Google).  For many people it is a good opportunity to publish their own ramblings and it brings to mind the old adage that everyone has a book inside them waiting to be written, whether it should be published is another matter.


Hopefully, my effort doesn’t come into the latter category; I try to concentrate on topical matters in UK employment law and I have been writing a lot about redundancy just recently.  The aim is to be informative and “sober”, if that doesn’t sound too pompous.  Many people clearly want to access legal information without approaching a solicitor and incurring legal fees and blogs are good at providing that information.  Where they fall down is that it is not possible to provide tailored legal advice to all readers: if you have a particular legal query or concern there is no substitute for taking legal advice.  However, if you fancy some gossip or satirical comment, something more salacious, or just downright rude, that is catered for too amongst the various law blogs in the UK and the US/Canada.  That is the best aspect of blogging that I have found, the sheer diversity and freedom that it provides.    




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