More on Sir Fred Goodwin

14 03 2009
Private Eye 14th March 2009

Private Eye 14th March 2009


I couldn’t resist putting this up. The debate about Sir Fred’s pension position rolls on and there’s plenty of material on other blogs about it as well as in the newspapers.  I had hoped someone somewhere would have picked up on my suggestion that he should hand his knighthood back (if not his pension for reasons i set out in my last post on the topic but I haven’t come across any comments so far.




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26 03 2009

Personally, I think he should keep every penny he can get. The whole morality issue is a farce. He screwed up cos the system allowed him to screw up; he walked away with what he did cos the system allowed him to walk away with what he got…it should highlight the shortfall in the system – thats where change should come – not through some airy fairy notion of morality that is ignored when times are good and touted when we see someone making money at the expense of others who fail…..when the system under which we function is changed for the better- the “morality” would be enforced – good time or bad.

26 03 2009

Abby, I agree – it’s another case of trial by media. Clearly RBS got things badly wrong under his leadership (I’m thinking about the purchase of ABN Amro in particular) but it would be wrong to change the law just to penalise him. The furore has been stoked by the government who are relatively powerless to do anything about the current situation.

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