Friday musings: The Apprentice

3 04 2009

My resolution for Lent was to give up TV, or more particularly, crap TV or, more particularly still, I declared that I wasn’t going to watch this series of  The Apprentice.  Two weeks in I’ve failed miserably and watched both episodes.  I’m going to blame my wife because she has charge of the remote control and must be obeyed, even when the England match is on the other side, but that really isn’t wholly fair. 

I only started watching The Apprentice the series before last and have gradually been sucked into it.  Despite the fact that I would sack 90% of all the contestants on week one (not good telly I suppose and never mind the potential for unfair dismissal claims), it is strangely compulsive viewing.  So far my pet hate  figure from the boys’ team is James and from the girls’ Debra. I predict they will go far in this series.  

Debra Barr

Debra Barr



James McQuillan

James McQuillan

An amusing article in The Lawyer newspaper caught my eye – a “legal” analysis on Wednesday’s show – here is the link:


This week featured our heroes trying to feed sandwiches and canapés to City lawyers, and not doing very well.I was particularly struck by estate agent (!) Philip successfully negotiate himself down from £65 per person to £15.Clearly it must be more than the recession that is keeping him away from the housing market.

Despite the contestants always being billed as the cream of the British business community, I can never understand why, if they are so good, they are on the show.  Who was running Rocky’s chain of sandwich shops or Yasmina’s restaurant whilst they are/were away?  From whom did Yasmina get the award for her restaurant?  Does anyone know where her restaurant is so I can remind myself not to go there?   Why don’t they all go and do something useful – like write a blog?




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