Do you Twitter?

30 04 2009

And if you do, do you find it useful?  I’ve been “twittering” recently, getting up to speed on tweeting, retweeting and have installed tweetdeck and twitterberry on various bits of kit.  Like most people, I initially thought it was a waste of time but I’m slowly becoming converted to it. I can see that it is a very useful way of passing on snippets of information about what’s going on elsewhere, and some of the tweets are very amusing.  For instance check out @charonqc and his recent tweets on swineflu and wine flu.  Stephen Fry’s tweets, on the other hand, are a little disappointing.  I came across a tweet from @ukemploymentlaw today and she was of the view that twitter was, with the exception of her, completely uninteresting.  What do you think? I haven’t had a poll for a while, so here is one to make up for the absence;