Alex says it best …

11 06 2009

Following on from my recent post about the usefulness of Twitter, today’s cartoon by Alex in The Daily Telegraph provides his usual incision and wit into the subject of whether Twitter is any use at all.  I’m converted to it, albeit I don’t find nearly enough time to “tweet”. 

The recent poll I ran on this subject has given a resounding answer; most of you think Twitter is a waste of time. 





2 responses

28 08 2009
John Flood

Twitter is and isn’t a waste of time. It can be useful or absolute nonsense. I think it’s because when we design things they have a purpose or should do. Twitter got designed then went in search of a purpose. Still looking. But despite all that, it can be fun…

28 08 2009


I agree. Most of the posts on Twitter are complete rubbish – I saw one survey that said 40% of tweets were just babble. My guess would have been approx 95%! Having said that, there is some amusing stuff out there – Charon QC and Oedipus Lex are usually quite good. Stephen Fry’s tweets, I’m afraid to say, are usually not. Have you any favourite follows?

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