More on Swine Flu

28 07 2009

Well, since I jumped on the Swine Flu bandwagon with my post last week, I thought I better stay there for a bit longer. 

In that post I wondered just what precautions an employer could be expected to take to avoid the risk of being found liable to an employee for contracting swine flu at work (always assuming that it could be proven that the infection was picked up in the workplace).  My view then (and now) is not much, beyond promoting good hygiene and not insisting on ill employees coming into the office to spread their germs.   Business Link, the organisation for employers, has provided guidance on their website – click here to go to the site.

It’s all good stuff and makes a lot of sense from the real threat to employers – business continuity.  How do you run your business if half your staff are off ill?  That is the real concern; not the prospect of increased lawsuits.




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