Jobsworth is One

18 08 2009

One what you might ask?  To avoid potentially unpublishable suggestions, let me just clarify that Jobsworth – the employment law blog is one year old today.  It is, incredibly, one whole calendar year since I started this blog, which arose out of a newspaper column I was then writing.  95 posts later I’m still enjoying writing it but, more importantly, I hope you enjoy reading it.  To all of my regular readers may I say thank you for your support and kind comments? Some of you have even been kind enough to instruct me at Dale Langley & Co, where I do my day job.    I’ve had some very positive feedback on what I’ve written, which has been helpful.  If there are any topics you would like to see covered please let me know.

My posts on the alternatives to redundancy, such as pay cuts and working for free, have been the most popular to date.  I’ve spent most time writing on redundancy (not surprising given the times we live in) and not a great deal on unfair dismissal.  This I will be rectifying over the coming months as the blog hurtles into that awkward period between being able to crawl and before the terrible twos.  Time for a celebratory Farley’s rusk methinks.




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