Do Jobsworths wear moustaches?

15 07 2009

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, has come under fire for not only being a political lightweight out of his depth in one of the most important offices of state, but also for wearing a moustache (well, we are approaching the silly season).  An article at suggests that a moustache often signifies the wearer is homosexual or, of more importance to this blog, that it is a symbol of “the constipated mentality of an inept, small-town jobsworth”, being the impression that Mr Ainsworth’s “facial furniture” gives to some.  I make no comment on that. 

Luke Leitch, the author of the article, also mentions notable other Jobsworths, including the bus-conductor Blakey from On the Buses  –  the inspiration for this blog.  I can just see him now saying “I hate you Butler” (or should that be “I hate you Mandelson”?)  Marvellous.

This Jobsworth doesn’t wear one by the way.  Mrs J wouldn’t hear of it.

On the subject of the family we’ve just come back from a relaxing family holiday (there’s a non sequitur for you) and I am still in holiday mode.  I was interested to read that the government wants to review the default retirement age of 65.  This announcement comes in the week that the Heyday challenge  makes its long circuitous route back to the High Court.  I doubt that we’ll get Judgment this week, of course, but at long last the end may be in sight. 

Whether the government’s decision to review the state retirement age has anything to do with them contemplating defeat in the High Court I couldn’t say but with increasing  numbers of pensioners to support in the next thirty plus years it makes sense to allow those who want to carry on working able to do so.  There is a mechanism in place at the moment where employees can ask to work on after the default retirement age but it is a bit of a palaver and, like many people, I cannot see how a default retirement age does not discriminate against older people.

More to come on this.