Friday waffle

24 04 2009

If there are two things I like in life they are gadgets and maps (in fact there are many things I like but time here doesn’t permit). I was particularly taken by the Google Guest Map on Blawg Review, a blog carnival for the legal profession. It maps where many law bloggers are – mainly in the US because it is a US carnival – but there are a few in the UK. I’ve added myself to it and you can visit there too by following this link;

The map is fascinating. There are some well known law bloggers here in London but I am particularly interested by the bloggers positioned in the middle of the Atlantic. Are they a 21st century update of Tony Blackburn on board the Radio Luxembourg pirate ship? Or lawyers taking time off to sail round the world? With weather like today’s that is an enticing idea.

Blawg Review is also worth a look at from time to time.  The hosts tend to be American, but there have been some UK hosts recently, most memorably Geeklawyer’s contribution from a few weeks ago which  ruffled a few transatlantic feathers.   Follow the link above to get to it.